Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Food For Thought......

The offering price of MSFT stock was $21.00 per share at the IPO on March 13, 1986. If you had bought 1 share at the offering, you would now have 288 split-adjusted shares. So you would be worth 288 * 27.69 = $7,974.72 Someone who invested $10,000 in the company's IPO would own a stake worth roughly close to $3,000,000 today.

If you are under 50, right now is the time to start investing! With the recession in full swing, you can now buy decent stock at basement bottom pricing! Here are a few examples....

BAC Bank of America, currently at $7/share, 52 week high was $43

HOG Harley Davidson, currently at $13/share, 52 week high was $48

C Citigroup, currently at $3/share, 52 week high was $27

These are just examples, but if you buy at these low prices now, eventually they will get back to where they were, at least, that's my thought. You will be looking at a huge profit in the long run. I don't have the resources to upfront buy a lot and recommend sharebuilder. They offer a very reasonable automatic investment plan for any amount of money.

Here's to our future! Prepare now for retirement later. It comes faster then you think.

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