Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Kids Deserve So Much More

Ok, when it came to choosing the father of my children and partner in life, I screwed up big time. He was a loser husband who cheated on me with men while I was pregnant, was fired from every job he had and is still a loser father. To any guys out there, just because you pay child support, does not make you super dad. I have a great dad and a great mom. My dad has always been there and participated in my life. It still is unbelievable to me how a guy can be the opposite. He does see them every other weekend, which was in the divorce and I had to enforce because I am not super woman, I need a break sometimes! He refuses to have them 1 day a week, thanksgiving, 1/2 xmas break, 1/2 summer. My boys would rather not be with him, but it breaks my heart that their dad does not want them. He doesn't even call them between the weekends. And, as he was during our sham of a marriage, he is still nothing but empty promises. He lies about everything and my oldest son is starting to figure that out the hard way. Here is a word by word email we shared about this xmas break last week.

Me-"School gets out on Friday, so I have them next week and then you will have them the last week/first part of January. I will drop them off on Dec. 28 at 5 pm.

Him-"I will be working so I wont be able to watch them then."

Me-"They can go to daycare. I am working too. If you are refusing to keep them, which is fine because they prefer not be with you, then I expect you to be financially responsible for that week, paying for daycare and meals and also, expect the same for your ½ of the summer."

Well take me to court and get it then."

What parent does this to their flesh and blood? My kids deserve so much more, so much better. I truly do believe in karma and I have seen it's effects.

On an ending note, I saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" on Saturday with the guy I have been dating. Movie wasn't all that, but the date was great as usual!

Have a Happy Holiday! My boys and I will be spending it with my terrific family!

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