Friday, December 26, 2008

Props to Steph

So, I've always been pretty hard on my sister Stephanie, we are just worlds different. I do want to give her props for losing weight, about 100lbs. I never thought she would do it and be so successful, so, congrats Steph! Below are her before and after. Now, I am the only 'fat' one in the fam. I guess that's why my parents got me a WII fit.........Well, new year, maybe a new me?? I doubt it ;-). To my one and only reader, Uncle Chuck! Thanks and I am great! Love ya!


StephanieG said...

Wow, thanks so much for the props. It has been a long hard year but I would do it again a million times. And I promise the weight will never come back. Yes we are worlds apart but the most important thing is we are sisters and I will always love and respect you. You have more strength than I think you realize and I admire all you have accomplished in the last few years. You are an amazing mother to 4 wonderful kids, and your family is blessed to have to in our lives. And Uncle Chuck is not your only reader; I read every blog that you post. Thanks again.

Liz said...

Aloha Lori...I love your blog and your stories. I do certainly believe in angels! Your sister looks so beautiful, but Im sure she was always beautiful. I love your stories and so blessed to read them. I will come back to visit. Let your sister Stephanie I said Congrats from Hawaii. God Bless and BELIEVE~Liz