Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Time fooooorrrrr, American Idol!

I would have some really great pics and video for you, buuuutttttt, my little sister who promised to send them to me, has not yet because she is "busy." Therefore, you get just a generic game cover. A few months ago, my parents, empty nesters, purchased an XBox 360. They really wanted to get a Wii, but since they are never able to be found, they went ahead and got an XBox 360. Not for them, you see, but for their grandchildren, my sons, even though they have their own 360. One of the games that they have is American Idol, the sister who is too "busy" to send me the pictures and video of my family this past Saturday evening is the same sister who talked my parents into getting this game. It is like Rock Band, but with vocals only, it can be very fun and it is like karaoke, every night!! One of the favorites is "Walkin on Sunshine" that is hilarious, when sang by a bunch of amateurs! I tried "Bohemian Rhapsody" but wow, there are a lot of highs to lows and lows to highs! If said sister ever sends me the video, I will post it, then you will see my mom, a 55 yr old woman singing and dancing to "Walkin on Sunshine", after that, you will never question what is wrong with me, you will then know I am the only "normal" one in the family....

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