Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love Shack

Wow, last night was fun! I rarely, if ever go out. Last night the girls from work and I went out to a new restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach, The Love Shack. It's pretty cool, the food was good and they have a pool!! Yes, a pool next to the outdoor bar. No, I didn't go swimming. Although, I am about 20 years younger on average then the other girls from work we still had a blast. Afterwards, we went to one of their homes and just hung out and talked and drank wine. It was so nice and relaxing to be able to do that without a gazillion, well 4, but they seem like a gazillion, kids around!! I actually have a date tonight, someone who I met online down here who just so happen to be born in the same city I it fate?? I don't know, but I haven't dated in years and I am stoked! Check back for more info.....

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