Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, do you travel? Where is your favorite place to go? Usually, when we do vacations, we do Disney World!! I love Disney and know it pretty well and the kids always have fun. I have stayed at a few different resorts on Disney property and have had a great stay at all of them. Since I work in hospitality, I can usually get an awesome rate at a brand or sister of my employer, but think that the extra few dollars to stay onsite is worth it! Being a single parent, i love the easy access of the transportation to and from the parks, not having to worry about driving around. The boys' favorite park is Magic Kingdom of course, with favs being Buzz Lightyear and Pirates. I really love to eat in Epcot, but with 4 kids, it's not nearly as much fun, Soarin' over California is a cool addition. Animal Kingdom is great too, the safari is cool as is Dinosaur. I haven't been on Everest yet, but hope to next time around, probably this winter. I have never been a fan of MGM/Disney Studios. As the kids get older, I am sure we will go beyond our horizons and maybe venture on over to Universal Studios, but probably not for a few years. I also am very familiar with Destin. Destin, FL has some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. If you have any questions or are planning a trip here, please email me. I can give you any info at all. I am pretty familiar with most accomodations and restaurants!!

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