Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Intelligent Family!

Wow, it's been a great couple of days. Of course, the economy still worries me, I worry about my job every day, things are very tight, but we had a few great things happen! First, my dog, Daisy, is officially able to "shake" now!! I am so excited I was able to teach her that! She's such a great dog, super smart :-) Secondly, I had a meeting with my son's teacher. He is in 1st grade. I have always known he was a bit "special", well, she wants him to be tested for gifted!! He has straight A's, average is 99%! He can also read a chapter book in no time, he's 6!! Of course, all of my boys are bright, I'm just proud of them all! Hopefully the good times will continue and the economy will straighten out. I STILL don't know who I am voting for....

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